Welcome to the Oxford Haemodialysis Unit website.

The Oxford Kidney Unit, at the Churchill Hospital, provides care for over 500 patients, most of whom dialyse two or three times a week. Other people may be visiting, either on holiday or from one of our co-provider units. Some people will be in-patients on the renal or transplant wards and may be more unwell.

This website is written to give you a brief introduction to the Oxford Haemodialysis Units. It is also intended as a reference to help you understand the working of the units and what you can expect to happen during your time with us.

If you have started haemodialysis having attended the renal clinic for a while, you and your family may be familiar with the surroundings and the terminology or perhaps you are a new patient to the renal unit or you have been transferred from another ward or hospital, or you may have been acutely unwell. The unit may seem a very strange and possibly daunting place to you - hospital site map.

Starting dialysis can be a life changing experience with many ups and downs. The Dialysis Unit team are here to ensure that your care and treatment are safe, effective and as pleasant an experience as possible.
We hope that there will always be someone in the team to answer your questions or to allay your anxieties.

Thank you to Lesley Thompson from the Renal Unit for providing this information

Comments and Suggestions

We always value your comments and suggestions about the experiences you have whilst you are with us in the Dialysis Unit or about the website, which is still under construction.

The Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust provides a ‘Let us know your views…’ leaflet, which is available in the unit or downloadable as a pdf. If you have a complaint, the Trust has a specific policy outlining the necessary steps to take. If required, please speak to the senior member of staff on duty.

There is a bi-monthly newsletter which is produced by one of the staff nurses in the unit. If you have anything which you would like to contribute to the newsletter or website, maybe about your experiences of becoming a renal patient, or any snippets of information regarding social events, poems, stories, holiday information, etc. please pass them on, we would love to hear from you.

You are welcome to leave a message in the Six Counties Kidney Patients Association Guest Book

Questions? Comments?
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