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Oxford Branch Social Meeting

04 July 2018

Social evening at the Victoria Arms OX3 0PZ at 6:30pm on 26th July. All welcome!

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Spring General Meeting

31 March 2018

The weather failed to defeat us twice running and there was a good attendance to hear Allie Thornley give a truly comprehensive tour of things "renal" at Oxford and its satellites.

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Heavy snow puts paid to our Christmas Lunch

17 December 2017

Heavy snow on the night of 9/10th December causes the cancellation of our Christmas lunch.

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Editor needed for "Kidney Life"

08 November 2017

The NKF is anxious to recruit an editor for Kidney Life. The full vacancy announcement may be viewed by clicking "more" below. By the way, remuneration is involved!

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John Champion stands down as Chairman of the SCKPA

20 September 2017

At the AGM held on 17th September 2017 John Champion stood down as Chairman of the SCKPA. He was replaced by Vice Chairman Martin Wood. Martin has been succeeded by Zara Khan. After the business of the AGM was completed John was unanimously elected Chairman Emeritus of the SCKPA.

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September AGM

01 July 2017

Our AGM on 17th September 2017 will feature a talk on Medical Detection Dogs. Fraser Liversage will tell us how the powerful scenting abilty of these dogs can be used to detect and manage diseases, some of them very close to home for our community of renal patients.

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Zara Khan joins committee

28 June 2017

Transplantee and young mum-of-three coopted onto SCKPA Committee

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Chairman's briefing on new renal ward

04 June 2017

Our Chairman, John Champion briefed the attendees of the SCKPA Summer Lunch on the "progress" towards a new renal ward. Apparently there is now a shorlist of two locations for the new ward. Signs are that the issue is being taken seriously at last. John and Martin have formally been coopted onto the working group.

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Kidney Research Speakers at SCKPA Summer Lunch

04 June 2017

Two speakers from Kidney Research UK explained how they raise funds and what research projects the charity invests in.

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New transplantees at Summer Lunch

04 June 2017

Two new transplatees were present at our Summer Lunch.

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Clinical Psychologist at recent SCKPA meeting

12 March 2017

Dr Louise Hankinson has recently joined the renal department as a clinical psychologist in the place of Patricia Franklin who was one of the Kidney Patient Advisers. Louise addressed an SCKPA meeting recently.

Louise regards the renal medical staff and renal patients as part of her "flock". She focused on "Mindfulness".  Mindfulness practices are not new and have origins in the contemplative traditions of Asia, especially Buddhism. In the last 40 years they have been formalised into the therapies of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Renal patients often experience stress and occasionally full-blown depression.   Louise, who is based at the Churchill, said that her door is always open.

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