Branch Associations

NOTE: Due to the coronavirus, branches have cancelled all meetings until further notice.  As and when meetings are started again, dates will be posted on the Home page and each individual branch page.

Active branches of the association are:


These branches meet regularly with a social occasion for a drink, talk about kidney disease, have a bite to eat or ANYTHING.  They are very informal, very relaxed and very therapeutic.

If you wish, you can help raise funds as well! For instance some of our branches charge a small "tithe" (probably £1) for attending each supper. This goes straight to branch funds.

If you live in one of these areas and need to talk to someone about what you are going through, please get in contact by emailing your respective branch secretary.

Please note, our branch social meetings are for patients, carers and anyone interested in or impacted by kidney disease.

Join the SCKPA - if you are not a member of the SCKPA and would like to join, click here to print a membership form. The address for posting is on the form.