Christmas Lunch

10th December 2017 at the Oxford Belfry, Milton Common

Our Christmas lunch scheduled for December 10th had to be cancelled due to the heavy snowfall on the night of 9/10th December. We were expecting a bumper turnout of 55 people. The Belfry had prepared an excellent menu and we were looking forward to a talk on "Transport Through the Ages".

When we awoke on the morning of the lunch, the south-east was carpeted with about six inches of snow. It appeared to take the highways people by as much surprise as it did our attendees.

By mid morning, apologies were flooding in. Jose and Erika Rico-Diaz set out from Aylesbury and took two hours for a normally 20 minute journey. When they arrived at the Belfry the hotel told them that a number of people had rung in to cancel. Meanwhile others were calling Mike Pitcher who happened to be in France for the weekend. He relayed the apologies to Jose.

It was very soon apparent that no one else would arrive and the Chairman decided to cancel the meeting. We are now in discussion with the hotel to discover what, if any thing, can be done to reimburse our members. Of course we have a contract with the hotel for the hire of the room and a certain number of lunches. 

Our photograph shows Jose and Erika enjoying an excellent lunch in glorious isolation.

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