Officers and Committee

The SCKPA is proud to have the following Oxford University Hospitals transplant and renal consultants as our presidents:

Life Presidents

  • Prof. Sir Peter J. Morris, Oxford Transplant Centre
  • Dr. Christopher G. Winearls, Oxford Renal Unit


  • Prof. J.P. Friend, Oxford Transplant Centre
  • Dr. Phil D. Mason, Oxford Renal Unit, Churchill Hospital

The SCKPA Committee comprises:

Elected officers

  • Chair: Jose Rico-Diaz
  • Vice Chair: Maggie Pratt-Heaton
  • Treasurer: Mike Sinfield

Branch Secretaries

  • High Wycombe: new secretary being sought
  • Milton Keynes: Maggie Pratt-Heaton
  • Oxford: Anne Ollivant
  • Stoke Mandeville: Jose Rico-Diaz
  • Swindon: new secretary being sought

Other Members

  • Secretary: Sheila Otway
  • Representative to NKF: Mike Sinfield
  • Head of Fundraising: Jose Rico-Diaz

To email a committee member click on one of the groups above to list its members. Then click the email link of the required person.  We are not publishing any further contact information for security reasons. However, individual committee members will divulge appropriate details in response to an initial email.