Elected Officers

Jose Rico-Diaz: Chair  email

 "My kidney failure was brought on from years of being diabetic, and in January 2014 I was put on HD.

On the 11th of December 2014 (Sidney's Birthday) I received a kidney from my father (through the paired exchange scheme). The kidney rejected after a few days but the medical team at The Churchill worked their magic and saved "Sidney da Kidney" who has been fine ever since."

Maggie Pratt-Heaton:  Vice Chair  email

"I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease in 1976 after the birth of my second daughter. As my mother had the disease I always knew I might have it as well. My condition was monitored for years by hospitals in London until I reached the point of chronic renal failure.

After transferring to Milton Keynes peritoneal dialysis followed with a short spell of haemodialysis. I received a transplant in November 2004 and although I had acute rejection and was in hospital for a month, it is still going well. I joined SCKPA in 2006 when I retired and started the Milton Keynes branch the following year. I became Vice Chair in January 2019."

Mike Sinfield: Treasurer  email 

"I had a transplant in August 1995, 26 years ago, from a deceased donor. I suffered PTLD (post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder) in 2001 but had a course of chemotherapy that sorted out the lymphoma.  With a change of medication all has been well since.
My kidneys were failing because I had polycystic kidney disease inherited from my father but I was fortunate to receive a transplant before I had to go on dialysis. I am a Chartered Accountant in practice".