Other Committee Members

Sheila Otway: Secretary  email

"I am not a kidney patient. I was a full time secretary in the Kidney Unit for 16 years and joined the SCKPA in 1986.

I joined the committee as secretary in 2002 after I had retired from full time work. I became Membership Secretary in 2004. It is a pleasure and humbling to serve an association of such stoic patients and their partners."

Mike Sinfield:  Representative to NKF  email 

"I had a transplant in August 1995, 25 years ago, from a deceased donor. I suffered PTLD (post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorder) in 2001 but had a course of chemotherapy that sorted out the lymphoma.  With a change of medication all has been well since.
My kidneys were failing because I had polycystic kidney disease inherited from my father but I was fortunate to receive a transplant before I had to go on dialysis. I am a Chartered Accountant in practice". 

Jose Rico-Diaz: Head of Fundraising email

"My kidney failure was brought on from years of being diabetic, and in January 2014 I was put on HD.

On the 11th of December 2014 (Sidney's Birthday) I received a kidney from my father (through the paired exchange scheme). The kidney rejected after a few days but the medical team at The Churchill worked their magic and saved "Sidney da Kidney" who has been fine ever since."

Pam Pitcher: Webmaster  email

"Fortunately I do not have kidney disease but I supported my husband who had long term chronic renal failure and was on haemodialysis.

I was a registered organ donor and would have donated to him had he not had a failed transplant. We were on the paired donor register but nothing came of it. Sadly he contacted Covid-19 while dialysing and waiting his turn to be vaccinated. He died in the John Radcliffe hospital in February 2021 from Covid-induced pneumonia.

Our family business designs and builds bespoke websites many of which are medical registries collecting and analysing data on cutting edge projects. I helped re-design the SCKPA website and continue to keep it up-to-date through our pro bono work."