Kidney Matters

There are many useful websites with a wealth of information on a wide range of aspects of kidney disease, what causes it, types of treatment and how to live with it.

Managing a fistula or graft bleed

A bleed from a fistula or graft (AVF or AVG) can be life threatening. All patients and carers should be aware of the correct procedure to follow in such an event.

Treatment of renal failure:

  • Link to the Oxford renal unit
  • How kidney disease is managed
  • Links to the Kidney Patient Guide with information on haemodialysis, peritioneal dialysis and transplants

Organ donation:

  • How to sign up to be an organ donor
  • Carry an NHS organ donor card
  • Information on the new laws taking effect from Spring 2020


  • Links to dialysis units in the UK and abroad
  • Cruises providing on-board haemodialysis
  • Members reports and recommendations on holidays 

Kidney  charities with useful websites

  • National Kidney Federation: largest kidney patient charity in the UK with up-to-date reports on the All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group (APPKG)
    Click the NKF link to view the latest editions of their magazine Kidney Life and their In Touch newsletter
  • Kidney Research UK: details of recent research.
    * Scientists in Bristol reveal how a faulty gene, involved in the kidney condition nephrotic syndrome, leads to kidney disease. Read more 
    * Research has uncovered a gene that directly changes the severity of Joubert syndrome. Read more

  • Oxford Kidney Unit: offers a range of renal patient information leaflets
  • Kidney Care UK: used to be the British Kidney Patient Association. 

Polycystic Kidney Disease

  • PKD Charity: supporting adults and children with polycystic kidney disease.

Nutrition & Medication

  • Nutritionist Resource: quality nutritional advice from professionals

  • NHS Treatment of chronic kidney disease: including lifestyle changes, medication, coping with high blood pressure and cholesterol, water retention, anaemia etc.

  • DrugWatch: includes a warning on the use of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, two substances marketed by Fresenius Medical Care that have been linked to an increase risk of heart attacks and other health complicaitons.